As an author you have done remarkable job in putting a book with excellent research and content together but it’s just 5% of the journey towards bestselling authors status. If you are not get enough sales to stay afloat then it’s not your fault. All Self Published / New authors struggle through this phase. There is no problem with your books content but problem lies with online selling platforms algorithms, which choose what books to show for a certain search query. Hence mastering these algorithms is essence of success.

Our experts of have made many authors best sellers with patience and deliberate planning thereby outwitting the competitors while getting sales for own authors at reduced cost.

Our teams use data analysis to find opportunities even within highly competitive and saturated niches. Any Book can become best seller provided the marketing strategy aligns with the budget and targeting is laser sharp focused on the craving and relevant audience.

Book Marketing Services

  • The first month of a book’s launch, particularly on Amazon, is a critical period that determines an author’s success. It offers a unique opportunity to make a powerful impact, capture readers’ attention, and establish a strong foundation for long-term achievements. Amazon’s algorithms prioritize books with high sales and engagement early on, allowing authors to leverage this momentum and visibility to propel their book towards best-seller status, gain exposure, and attract a wider audience.
  • Positive reviews and ratings obtained during this initial month build credibility and trust among readers, further enhancing the book’s appeal. A successful first month sets the stage for ongoing triumphs, leading to increased visibility, media attention, and potential partnerships
  • To ensure a strong start we work closely with out authors to provide a meticulous book launch that resonates throughout their writing career, execute strategic marketing campaigns, and promote effectively on platforms like Amazon. Read more…

We help authors in building their email lists for marketing also helping them in Book Promotion deals at various websites.

  • Email List building

Email remains the most important tool in marketing Books. Emails can achieve 4 to 14% conversions into sale which can help boost sales and new launches.   We help in building email list by using specific websites like Bookfunnel and also using Social media lead generation ads for this.

  • Book Promotion Websites Featured Deals help in getting boost to sales / downloads as those websites have large email subscribers who are book readers interested in specific genres.

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We provide complete mentorship as well as handling of book launch for our authors to obtain early success and lead the author towards the path with consistent sales and success. Our launch strategy cater for:

  • Amazon PPC Ads Management and Auditing
  • Book Promotion Deals
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Exposure on Tiktok and Instagram
  • Leveraging YouTube for sales

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We enable authors to understand the dynamics of book marketing and coach them to take on these tasks themselves if required. Every book is unique hence the mentoring for marketing the books depends on case to case. Mentoring sessions help authors to chart their own strategy and analyze the predicaments, which they are facing in their journey to Best Seller status. Read more…

 We specialize in helping authors succeed with Kindle Direct Publishing, offering expert guidance on Kindle publishing and kindle self-publishing. Maximize your book’s potential with our tailored services and reach a wider audience on the Kindle platform.