Being an author in today’s digital world means conquering the Amazon landscape. But with so many books vying for attention, how do you get yours seen? Enter Amazon PPC Ads – a targeted advertising tool to connect your book with the right readers. However, with limited space for text, maximizing your impact is key. This guide explores the two main ad variations (US Marketplace only): Custom vs Standard Text Ads, helping you choose the champion for your book!

Reach More Readers

Take control of your book’s success with Amazon PPC advertising! In the complex world of self-publishing, reaching your target audience and boosting sales doesn’t have to feel impossible. Our tools make it easy and meaningful.

In the limited space available for ad text, every word must serve a purpose. So, how can you ensure your ad makes the biggest impact? Choose between Custom vs Standard Text Ads, both available in the US Marketplace. Each variation has its unique benefits and trade-offs. Find out which one fits your needs and make every word count!

Standard Text Ads

Easy to set up and requiring minimal preparation, this ad format streamlines your advertising process. The predefined template and automatic entry of Amazon product info make it a hassle-free choice. 

Quick & Effortless

Predefined templates let you plug in basic details and keywords – perfect for busy authors. Additionally, you can customize these templates to suit your specific needs and style.

Broad Reach

Standard Text Ads have a prominent spot on Amazon search results pages, exposing your book to a vast audience of potential readers. These ads are created through your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) account and can be targeted by keywords, similar books, or product categories.

Automated Optimization

Standard Text Ads are optimized automatically by the Amazon algorithm according to their performance data. This allows for efficient campaign management without continuous manual adjustments.


With Standard Text Ads, you only pay when a reader clicks on your ad. This means you can control your budget and adjust it as needed to fit your advertising goals.

Customize Your Ad

For those looking for more control over their ad’s content and design, Custom Text Ads offer a variety of options to elevate your advertising strategies.


However, there are downsides to consider:

Limited Control

 You can’t customize your ad’s creative elements like headlines or formatting. This can lead to less engaging ad copy compared to Custom Text Ads.

Blending In with the Crowd

 Standard Text Ads can get lost in a sea of similar ones, hindering their impact.

Fierce Competition

Their popularity creates a competitive environment for ad placements. This can translate to lower visibility and click-through rates (CTRs) for your book. How can you overcome the fierce competition and ensure your ad gets seen by potential readers?

One way to overcome this challenge is by targeting specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to your book and have a lower level of competition.

Custom Text Ads

Custom Text Ads empower you to craft unique headlines and descriptions (within a 160-character limit), allowing you to showcase your book’s selling points and grab attention. But with this power comes responsibility:

Craft Compelling Copy

Those 160 characters are precious real estate. Use them wisely to write captivating headlines and descriptions that entice readers to click. Experiment with different variations to see which ones perform best.

Design Your Ad

Custom Text Ads allow you to upload your images or choose from Amazon’s library to make your ad stand out and reflect your book’s branding. Keep in mind that the image must be relevant, high-quality, and adhere to Amazon’s guidelines.

Track & Tweak

With Custom Text Ads, you have access to detailed performance data that allows you to track your ad’s success and make adjustments as needed. Use this information to refine your targeting and improve your CTRs.

Targeted Approach

 While offering a broader reach, consider refining your keywords to attract your ideal readers.

Manual Optimization

 Unlike Standard Text Ads, Custom Text Ads require a more hands-on approach. Track performance and adjust your strategy for optimal results.



 Requires crafting individual ads for each campaign.

Complex Setup

 Compared to Standard Text Ads, setting up Custom Text Ads requires more time, effort, and expertise. Authors need to tailor the text of the ad for the intended audience.

Manual Optimization

 To maximize performance, authors are required to keep track of and optimize their Custom Text Ads. They may try out various texts for ads to improve conversion.


Test & Analyze

 Continuously track performance and adapt your strategy according to the outcomes observed.

Combine Strategies

Use both custom advertising and custom advertising for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Research Competitors

 Look at what successful authors in your field are doing and get inspired by their ads.

Picking the Perfect Match for Your Book

It depends on the genre and the intended audience. For Non-Fiction, standard text ads work best because the audience already knows what they are looking for while custom text ads for fiction prove to be better as they give audiences more information about the book.

A/B testing can show real winners in a particular publication so text changes should be tested. Good for your book

It depends on the genre and the intended audience. For Non-Fiction, standard text ads work best because the audience already knows what they are looking for while custom text ads for fiction prove to be better as they give audiences more information about the book.

Final Thought

In conclusion, both Amazon PPC Custom vs Standard Text Ads offer unique advantages and disadvantages for authors looking to promote their books on the platform. Standard text ads work well for novels while custom text ads for nonfiction books have added value with better conversion rates.

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